Kayaks and Launches

Wave Kayak

Kayaks for Adult, Youth, & Kids.
Launches make it easy to get in and out.

Our sit-on-top style wave kayaks are fun, comfortable and stable. These recreational kayaks are designed for use on lakes and slower moving rivers.
Wave kayaks glide effortlessly through the water for paddlers of all ages (adult, youth, and kid sizes) and abilities.

Kayak launches are perfect additions to your dock. They make getting in and out of a kayak or canoe easy.

Cruizer Kayak (Kid / Youth)

The Cruizer kayak is a perfect entry-level kayaks, perfect for the beginning paddler, both kids and youths, who wants a quick escape on the lake. Blue and yellow Cruizer kayaks are available.

Cruizer Kayak Specifications:

  • Kayak Dimensions: 8'6"L x 30"W x 15"D
  • Cockpit Dimensions: 4’L x 23”W x 6”D
  • Weight Capacity: 185 lbs
  • Kayak Weight: 36 lbs

Impulse Kayak (Youth / Adult)

Our deluxe Impulse kayak is the perfect summer water vessel for an afternoon of summer paddling for adults and youths. Blue and yellow Impulse kayaks are available.

Impulse Kayak Specifications:

  • Kayak Dimensions: 10’L x 31”W x 10”D
  • Cockpit Dimensions: 4’L x 23”W x 6”D
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Kayak Weight: 45 lbs

All Wave Kayak Features:

• Rotational Molded Construction      • High-Impact Polyethylene      • Maximum UV Protection      • Superior Stability      • Spacious Cockpit      • High-Speed Hull      • Molded Foot Rests      • Molded Beverage Holders      • Molded Handles

Kayak Paddle

Kayak Paddle

The 7′ kayak paddle has a two-piece design that easily breaks down for storage and transport.

Kayak Bottom

Kayak Bottom

The kayak bottoms are designed with superior stability and a high-speed hull for reducing drag allowing for effortless gliding.


Kayak Launch Loops

Heavy-duty aluminum frame loops to assist with getting in and out of kayaks and canoes. Six adjustable settings.

Kayak Launch Loops Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 43"W x 61"H
  • 7’ Guide Bunk is optional

Pro Kayak Launch System

The Wave Armor Kayak Launch is made for the beginner or a seasoned kayaker. It’s great for getting on the water in early spring through late fall without getting your feet wet! A simple & safe solution - Also great for canals where you have seawalls. 

Pro Kayak Launch System:

  • Includes 2 rails, additional rails available

Kayak Assists

The Kayak Assist mounts directly to the Wave Dock Lower Deck Section to provide a stable bar to hold on to when getting in and out of a kayak. 

Kayak Assists:

  • Includes rail & float
  • Wave Dock install hardware included

Kayaks and Launches

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