Traditional Floating

Aluminum Floating Dock Sections for residential and commercial purposes

Floating Dock Sections

Commercial and residential floating dock sections for custom needs

Hewitt's floating dock sections are manufacturered in Minnesota, USA. They are made in sections, allowing them to be modular to fit into your dock design plans and customized to fit your area and needs. Therefore, it is perfect for both commercial and residential floating dock systems. Simply contact a local distributor with your specifications and we will make it happen!

The float dock section frames are made out of galvanized steel and aluminum, giving them comparable stregnth, durability, and corrosion resistance to a standard model. The floatation tanks are high-quality and configured based on any load requirement. The seciontional modular design allows us to create a dock to your requirements. They can have a width between 2' - 8' and a length between 4' - 32', with additional sections added onto the width or length to make it what you want. It has a streamlined appearance thanks to a 2"x4" or 2"x5" continuous sidewall design instead of an open truss design.

We will make your floating dock design a reality!

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Floating Dock Construction

Hewitt's traditional floating dock sections are highly engineered to provide comparable strength to the standard model and offer the same long-term durability and corrosion resistance. Frames are braced with heavy-duty structural aluminum or galvanized steel. Sections can also be joined with the Floating Dock Hinge to provide flexibility.

Flotation Tanks

Hewitt's floating docks use the same high-quality floats as the standard model. They can be configured to meet any load requirement.

Custom Floating Dock

Hewitt's floating docks are made in sections, making them modular to meet custom requirements. Our wide range of widths, lengths, and decking material allow you to design and have your dream floating dock. Simply let us know your custom floating dock requirements and we will make it a reality!


Match your current aesthetics with our variety of floating dock decking types and colors.

Skid Guard decking for floating dock sections


Cedar decking for floating dock sections


Aluminum decking for floating dock sections


Thruflow decking for floating dock sections


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A Custom Floating Dock Solution For You

We can make your floating dock design a reality. Thanks to our modular design, wide array of length, width, decking, and decking color we can work together to find a custom floating dock solution for you. If our standard offering isn't quite what you want, contact us. Hewitt Manufacturing has designed many one-of-a-kind floating docks with unique performance characteristics.

Contact your local distributor with your specifications for either commercial or residential floating docks. We will do our best to meet your floating dock needs.

Floating Dock Sections Catalog

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