Pro Kayak Launch System - 2 Rails

Pro Kayak Launch System - 2 Rails

SKU: DF302509
Weight: 355.00 lbs
Pro Kayak Launch System - 2 Rails

The new Wave Armor Kayak Launch is made for the beginner or a seasoned kayaker. It’s great for getting on the water in early spring through late fall without getting your feet wet! A simple & safe solution - Also great for canals where you have seawalls. 

Can be attached to our beautiful Wave Armor dock, any standard fixed dock or other brands of floating docks

Rails feature strategically positioned ball-shaped hand grips for effortless entry and launching

Includes one set of rails, with option for second set for continuous travel-through

Optional Kayak Launch Rack installs onto the platform to provide smart, simple & handy storage


Wave Armor is your go-to brand for premium floating docks and ports. Our products combine functionality with aesthetics to elevate your waterfront experience. We've leveraged decades of expertise to create innovative, durable, and stylish solutions. Our Wave Dock systems feature a flagstone paver-style textured finish for a unique look. They also utilize our patented H-Beam Connection system for a seamless topside surface. These docks and ports are highly modular, allowing for limitless layout possibilities. Customize your dream dock using our user-friendly Custom Dock Builder tool. We offer a range of accessories that seamlessly integrate with your dock for a polished finish. Experience waterfront living at its finest with Wave Armor.

Modular system to configure any layout, big or small
Unmatched durability & long-lasting performance
Aesthetic flagstone finish designed to move water off the surface
Crafted from durable Rotomolded polyethylene
UV stabilizing components prevent fading, cracking, and chipping
Hassle-free assembly with attachment slots and H-Beam channel
Versatility to attach various Wave Dock accessories
Engineered with interior float, marine-grade foam and unique recessed pockets on underside for unmatched water surface stability