Replacement Boatlift Covers

Replacement Boatlift Cover

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Superior quality for about the same price as lesser brands!

Constant exposure to sun, wind and driving rain can ruin your watercraft from the inside out. Cracking, fading and peeling not only takes away from the look, comfort and function of your boat, it reduces the value of your investment.

Protect your boat with a canopy cover from Hewitt. Whether you need a new cover for a new lift, or a replacement cover for an old one, our canopy covers are a beautiful, durable and affordable addition to your boat lift. If your brand is not shown, please contact us. We can take your old cover and make a new, custom-made cover based on it.


40 Years of Canopy Construction Know-How

We’ve been manufacturing canopy covers for over 40 years, and we do it right. Not only are our covers double stitched, but all top and middle seams are heat welded to prevent thread rot and water leakage. Our covers are tailor-cut with state-of-the-art CNC equipment to properly fit their frames. Installation and removal is simple with standard tension cords which keep the canopy covers taut. Our covers are available in many sizes and can be designed for other applications as well, including carports, boat slip covers and rail system covers.

We’re proud of what we do, and of how well we do it, and we think you’ll be proud to protect your watercraft with our covers. Excellent customer service is a core value of our business, so if you have a special canopy need, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.



Standard Vinyl Canopy

Not all vinyl is created equal. Our standard 16 oz nylon with 9 x 9 reinforced vinyl is durable, waterproof and UV resistant to prevent premature fading. Reinforcement is placed in the material itself, stopping rips before they spread. Top seams are heat welded and waterproof. All vinyl canopies carry a 5-year warranty (100% coverage for 3 years).  Randomly textured finish comes in 7 popular colors: (Grey, Beige, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, and Black)

Defender Canopy

19 oz marine fabric made from combining fabric with a textured marine grade vinyl. Waterproof and has a fluorocarbon finish for UV, water, mildew and fade resistance. Choose from 11 popular colors. Other colors available through special order.




Standard Trim Colors

Our standard canopies come with a variety of trim colors. We’ll customize any of these trim colors to fit your needs. Just specify when ordering.

Replacement Boatlift Covers Catalog

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