Truss Floating

Truss Floating Dock

Aluminum & Steel Truss Floating Docks

Commercial-Quality Strength & Durable Truss Docks

The Hewitt aluminum & steel truss floating docks incorporate engineering principles proven in bridge and crane construction. The open dock truss frame design provides maximum strength with minimum weight and creates less wave resistance for superior stability. Heavy-duty structural support tubes are used at both the top and bottom of the side frames. The entire frame is reinforced with structural channel bracing and extra strong angle crossbars. Aluminum & steel truss floating dock frameoptions are available.


sunken floatation tank on truss floating dock

Sunken Flotation Tank

Floats may also be installed within the frame for a lower profile on the water.

corner support hinge on truss floating dock

Corner Support Hinge

Corners are strengthened with extra large gussets.

birgded framework on truss floating dock

Bridged Framework

The truss dock tapered frame incorporates design principles proven in bridge and rafter construction. This design provides maximum strength with a minimum of weight. The open sides of the frame also improve stability by reducing wave resistance.

Piano hinge on truss floating dock

Piano Hinge

Floating Dock Hinges


Specially designed full-width hinges are recommended for connecting sections. Hinge connections prevent undue stress on the structure by allowing the dock to flex in rough water conditions or in locations where water levels change rapidly.

Heavy duty hinge on truss floating dock

Heavy Duty Hinge


Skid guard decking for truss floating docks


Cedar decking for truss floating docks


Aluminum decking for truss floating docks


Thruflow decking for truss floating docks


Design Your Own Dock Layout

A wide variety of accessories are also available. Add-on sections can be attached to one or both sides. Custom sizes also available.

Flotation Tank Video

Superior Quality Flotation Tanks

Hewitt Floating Docks are supported by float tanks so reliable they meet U.S. Military specifications. The tanks are comprised of EPS foam encased in a seamless heavy-duty polyethylene shell. Tanks are resistant to cracking and corrosion and are suitable for year-round use. They can even be left out during the winter. Float tanks are available in a wide range of sizes with different load carrying capacities.






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