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Sunstream Corporation Dismisses All Claims With Prejudice

Nicollet, MN

By Administrator

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Hewitt Machine and Manufacturing, Inc. (“Hewitt”) is pleased to announce that Sunstream Corporation (“Sunstream”) has dropped all its claims asserted against Hewitt in a lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington with prejudice. Sunstream had asserted that Hewitt’s products infringe Sunstream’s Patent No. 5,908,264 (“the ‘264 patent”). But after seeing Hewitt’s products, and after Hewitt filed an early motion for the court to grant summary judgment that Hewitt did not infringe, Sunstream dropped its case.

Hewitt is very pleased with the outcome, which did not require any payments from Hewitt to Sunstream or any changes to Hewitt’s products. Although respectful of the intellectual property rights of others, Hewitt intends to continue to defend itself vigorously against any claims of patent infringement. For now, however, Hewitt is pleased to be able to go back to making the high quality boat lifts and docks for which it is renowned.

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